As a Loan Agency, we are happy to provide educational materials to help you better understand the loan process, as well as some useful tips that will save you money.

We update this section of our website very often adding and/or replacing the information. Our goal is to provide you as much help as posible understanding the process.


The first step of the loan process is "Initial Document Review". What does it mean and what you have to do? Here is a short video designed especially for this step.

"Underwriting" is a very important step of the loan process. Watch the video to understand what you need to do and in what phase is your loan.

"Property Appraisal" is a step where the bank inspects the property. Here are some tips that can help you save money. The video is very short and it's worth watching it.

The last step of the loan process is "Clear To Close". Here in this video you can learn helpful tips as well understand the procedure of the closing.


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